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Reply 1997

Hello guys! Long time no see!
Now, we will come up with a new hot K-Drama titled "Reply 1997" or also known as Response 1997, Answer Me 1997, or its Korean name 응답하라 1997 (read : Eungdabhara 1997).
The first scene shows a 33-years-old woman named Sung Shiwon. She attends her school's reunion and meets some old best-friends from her high school time. The drama then goes back and forth to 1997 (Sung Shiwon's high school time) and 2012.
This drama is filled with a lot of funny and romantic scenes between Sung Shiwon and her closest best-friend Yoon Yoonje, who is her friend since they were babies (their parents are also best-friends).
This drama also makes us guess who will be Shiwon's husband. Yoon Yoonje (her closest best-friend who later realizes that he loves Shiwon) or Yoon Taewoong (Yoonje's elder brother, Shiwon's late elder sister's ex-boyfriend who later confesses his feeling towards Shiwon).
A lot of unpredictable things come up in this drama. This is a brand new drama, with a fresh storyline that you had never seen before! Some Korean stars also make their appearance in this drama (aside of the main characters) such as Tony An, A Pink's Chorong, Jewelry's Yewon, ZE:A's Siwan, G.NA, etc.

Now, let's take a look at Reply 1997's main characters!

Sung Shi-won (starred by A Pink's Jung Eun-ji)
Sung Shiwon is a Busan girl who loves H.O.T so much (H.O.T was a booming Korean boyband in 1997, when Shiwon was attending high school). Shiwon does everything to show her love to H.O.T, especially their member Tony An. She queues at night just to get H.O.T's new album and concert ticket, she goes to Seoul from Busan just to watch H.O.T performing live. She even slept in front of Tony's house to see his face and write "I love you Tony (토니 오빠 사랑해요) with her blood. She has a lot of H.O.T posters and collections in her room. Her father hates it so much and often quarrels with her. Shiwon is a brave, strong, but innocent girl. She doesn't really understand love at first, but later realize what love really is.

Yoon Yoon-je (starred by Seo In-guk)
Yoonje is a smart student, he always gets the first rank in his high school time. He is an orphan and live only with his elder brother, Yoon Taewoong. He befriends with Shiwon since they were babies, so that they are so close to each other. Yoonje is a stubborn and tough man. He starts liking Shiwon at the first year of high school and the feeling develops until Yoonje realize he is in love with Sung Shiwon. There are two things Yoonje really love in this world, his elder brother Taewoong and his first love Shiwon. There are also two things Yoonje really afraid of, frogs and his wild-but-sweet girl Sung Shiwon. At first, he hides his feelings to Shiwon because his brother likes her too, but later Yoonje realize that he has to fight to get his loved one.

Kang Joon-hee (starred by INFINITE's Hoya)
Kang Joonhee is the second-ranked boy in the class. He is Yoonje's best-friend. But later, he realize that he has a different feeling towards Yoonje. Joonhee tells it to Shiwon and later both of them become closer. Joonhee and Shiwon queue together to get H.O.T's new album and it makes Yoonje jealous. Joonhee let his first love, Yoonje, to be together with Shiwon. In the end, it still a mystery whether Joonhee is still gay or not. Joonhee is a very good friend and listener. He is the place where Shiwon and Yoonje tell their story to. Joonhee always hears their story sincerely.

Mo Yoo-jung (starred by Shin So-yool) and Do Hak-chan (starred by Eun Ji-won)
Mo Yoojung is Sung Shiwon's best friend who liked H.O.T at first but later likes newcomer Sechs Kies. She changes her idol everytime there is a newcomer. Do Hakchan is a transferred student from Seoul. He is a total pervert who collects a lot of porn, but his biggest fear is women. Yoojung and Hakchan later become couple who have to go through many ups and downs in their relationship, but they end up marrying.

Bang Sung-jae (starred by Lee Shi-un)
Bang Sungjae is one of the boys gank (Yoonje, Joonhee, Hakchan and Sungjae). He is a pervert who likes playing tamagotchi. Sungjae always shows up being a playboy, but he is the one who still haven't married yet when they meet again in the high school reunion on 2012.

Yeah, that's all six main characters of Reply 1997! Now, time for picture gallery! ^^
Top : Yoon Yoonje, Kang Joonhee, Do Hakchan, Bang Sungjae
Bottom : Mo Yoojung, Sung Shiwon
(high school reunion 2012)

 Boys gank : Kang Joonhee, Yoon Yoonje, Do Hakchan, Bang Sungjae (high school reunion 2012)

  Mo Yoojung, Do Hakchan, Yoon Yoonje, Sung Shiwon, Bang Sungjae, Kang Joonhee (high school time 1997)
Shiwon with S.E.S Bada's hairstyle haha! :D

  Various scene of Reply 1997 (from left to right, top to bottom)
high school reunion photo; Yoojung and Shiwon watching Tony An's documentary at Shiwon's house, the boys at the back are Joonhee, Sungjae, and Yoonje; Shiwon crying after her father ripped her H.O.T posters
Sungjae and Joonhee watching Yoonje being punished after losing a bet with Sungjae; Shiwon and Yoojung watching H.O.T's live performance; Shiwon scaring Yoonje with a frog
Yoonje starring at Shiwon; Yoonje touching Shiwon's tampon; Yoonje kissing Shiwon! *first kiss*

Uwaaaa..this drama makes me crazy! The last, I'll show you the music video of Seo In-guk and Jung Eun-ji singing "All for You"! You'll fall in love with the song :) I'll give the video with Hangul, Romanization, and English translation! Credit goes to LoveKpopSubs10 on YouTube! :)
I think that's all for now! Sorry for not posting in a long time! We will work hard to improve ourselves to be better and post more fresh and interesting things! Thank you <3


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