Minggu, 25 Desember 2011

Celebrate Christmas in Simplicity

Hello our beloved readers! Sorry for not being active these days... We're so busy doing our exams in school.. How tiring :(
First, we wanna wish you a very...

May this Christmas bring us joy and happiness.
And let's hope to be as pure as Baby Jesus.
Welcome him with a brand new sincere heart ♥

Ah.. Christmas always brings a different atmosphere to the world. It brings us joy, happiness, excitement, etc. What do you usually wait in Christmas day? Presents, Christmas tree, snow, Santa Claus? Or the most awaited one.. BABY JESUS? ☺
 I little bit upset to Santa Claus.. no, no, not because I'm too old to get presents from him or not because he didn't give me my present.. it's because he often steals Jesus' stage :(
Christmas is the day when Jesus Christ was born. But nowadays, children wait for Santa in Christmas, not wait for Jesus.. It's CHRISTmas guys, not santamas or clausmas..
We also often celebrate Christmas with partying. It's good, though, to celebrate this joyful day with our family, friends, relatives, or our beloved ones. But, it'll be better if we can bring joy to others, especially those who in needs. Jesus must be happier then ^^

Let's celebrate Christmas in simplicity and spread the happiness to the world! Merry Christmas! ^^

♥ ChaRiSa ♥

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