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Infinite Love for INFINITE

Annyeonghaseyooo!! You must be now who is it! If you read an article about K-Pop, the writer must be ICHA ^^ hahaha ;) I'm a K-Poper so I'll often write about it here and spread the K-Pop fever around the world! Muahahaha! After write about the goddesses Girls' Generation and the shining boys SHINee, now I wanna write about INFINITE, the boys with infinite talents and skills. They're my new favorite Korean boygroup. Their songs are really good and they always dance in-sync! Let's see a picture of them~

Four guys on the left are Woohyun (sitting on the chair), Dongwoo (guy with the striped suit), Myungsoo or L (sitting elegantly on the sofa), and Sunggyu (sitting like a boss on the sofa behind L)
Three guys on the right are Hoya (standing), Sungyeol (wearing hat), and Sungjong (sitting on the table)

Infinite (인피니트) is a Korean boygroup consists of seven members under Woollim Entertainment. They debuted on M!Countdown on June 10 2010. As you know, Girls' Generation's fans are being called SONE(s) (read : Sowon) and SHINee's fans are being called Shawol(s). Infinite's fans are being called "INSPIRIT(s)" hehehee.. They have a lot of good songs such as Come Back Again, She's Back, BTD, Can U Smile, Be Mine, Paradise, Tic Toc, Julia, Cover Girl, Nothing's Over, Hysterie, Amazing, White Confession (Lately) etc. You guys should listen to the songs!
Ah! One of Infinite's popular dance moves is the Scorpion dance on BTD. Let's check it out!
And one of their hottest dance moves is Paradise dance >< ahh.. I can't resist. And of course, in some live performance, they show L's sexy back >< aahh.. Don't want to talk more about this, just check it out!

I prefer watch their live performances than their MVs because their live performances are really good! They always show awesome performances. Here some videos of their live performances ☺
Come Back Again
She's Back
Can U Smile
Nothing's Over
Be Mine

After watching their videos, let's get to know them personally! ^^
1. Kim Sunggyu (김성규)
Sunggyu is Infinite's leader, so we often call him "Leader Gyu" hehehe.. He was born on April 28, 1989. His favorite color is white. Besides being Infinite's leader, he is also the main vocalist. Look at his photo! He has a pair of cute small eyes :3 Fans often call him Hamster Gyu too hehehe..
Fans of Sunggyu are called Chingyu(s).
Want to get closer with Leader Gyu? Here is his twitter: @leadergyu

2. Jang Dongwoo (장동우)
Dongwoo is the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist of Infinite. He was born on November 22, 1990. He has a nickname "Kenyan Prince" and has a legendary epic laugh hehehe.. He has sexy lips and wild eyes, so when introduce himself, he always says "Hello, I'm Infinite's Wild Eyes, Dongwoo." He also known as The Smile Man because of his wide and bright smile (look at the photo!) His favorite color is green. Dongwoo's fans are called Woonique(s).
Want to get closer with Kenyan Prince? Here is his twitter:  @ddww1122
3. Nam Woohyun (남우현)
Woohyun is Infinite's main vocalist. He was born on February 8, 1991. He is responsible to show aegyo (cuteness) in the group. Woohyun is Infinite's chef. He has nicknames such as Namstar and Bolmae (more handsome day by day). Woohyun participated in KBS Immortal Song 2 because of his awesome voice. He also has sexy abs which he likes to show on live performances *_* His favorite color is red. Fans of Woohyun are called Newclear(s).
Want to get closer with Namstar? Here is his twitter:  @wowwh

4. Lee Howon (이호원)
Howon or normally called Hoya is the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of Infinite. He was born on March 28, 1991. His favorite color is purple. He dislike being called by his real name (Howon) because since he was a kid, his family called him "Hoya". He has a nickname Ho-aegi (translated to Ho-baby). Hoya's fans are called Hoyatic(s). Want to get closer with Dancing Machine Hoya? Here is his twitter: @hoya1991
5. Lee Sungyeol (이성열
Sungyeol is the vocalist of Infinite. He was born on August 27, 1991. He also responsible for making fun in the group. He has a nickname "ChodingYeol" which means school kid Sungyeol. He is given that nickname because of his cute and naughty behavior such as a school kid. He is the tallest member of Infinite and he likes his chubby cheeks so much. Unfortunately, he rarely gets part to sing in Infinite's song :( Sungyeol also acts as 'Yoon Sojun' in SBS drama "While You Were Sleeping". His favorite color is pink. Sungyeol's fans are called Yeollipop(s).
Want to get closer with ChodingYeol? Here is his twitter: @Seongyeol1991  

6. Kim Myungsoo (김명수)
Myungsoo or normally being called L is Infinite's lead vocalist and visual. He was born on March 13, 1992. He has a mysterious aura. Woohyun said that L's aura is similar to L (DeathNote)'s aura. But, inside his mysterious cover, hidden a sweet and cute personality. He starred at Japanese drama "Jiu Police Criminal Investigation" and acted in "God of Study" but his part was cut >< Now, he is starring a new K-Drama "Shut Up Flower Boy Band". His favorite color is black. Fans of Myungsoo are called eLement(s).
Want to get closer with L? Here is his twitter: @INFINITELKIM

7. Lee Sungjong (이성종)
Sungjong is Infinite's vocalist and youngest member (maknae). He was born on September 3, 1993. He is a cute maknae, but he can be a wild one hehehe... Sungjong can dance to any girlgroup songs (similar as SHINee's Almighty Diva Key, but Key is still the MASTER :D kekekee) He think that he is prettier than some girlgroup members hahahaha.. Sungjong's most unique behavior is he always brings his lie detector everywhere (what kind of thing is that??). His favorite color is yellow. Sungjong's fans are called Sungel(s).
Want to get closer with Maknae Sungjong? Here is his twitter: @infiniteyounges

That's all about Infinite's member! Now..time for bonus pictures and videos!! Fans like to pair the members each other (it's just kidding and just for fun) and I have 3 most favorite couples. They are WooGyu (Woohyun-Sunggyu), YaDong (Hoya-Dongwoo), and MyungYeol (Myungsoo-Sungyeol) while Maknae Sungjong is having fun by himself since he's still a little kid :p

Vocalist Couple : WooGyu !! (Woohyun-Sunggyu)

Rapper Couple : YaDong !! (Hoya-Dongwoo)

Cute Couple : MyungYeol !! (Myungsoo-Sungyeol)

And their cute kiddo! Maknae Sungjong~♥

Let's enjoy their awesome dancing skill and their seducing hip thrusts ><

That's all about INFINITE!! I'll bring a lot of nice articles later! 
Keep share our infinite love with INFINITE ^^


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