Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Happy 1st Anniversary! ^^

Hello! Today is our blog's 1st anniversary! woohoo ^^
so proud and happy! Thank you for our readers and visitors and whoever that click on our blog's link ;)
In this 1st anniversary, we promise to keep writing and posting a lot of useful and entertaining information for all of you. We will bring our unique and joyful life and share a lot of story here. And..we will also share about various entertaining things such as music, movies, sports, etc. K-Pops will be spread around the world and people would love it soooooo much! Kekeke
And from now on, we'll try to be better and better day by day and spread happiness and knowledge to the world. You'll now what you didn't know before and you'll know more what you have known.
Finally, I'm so sorry for my bad English hehehe.. I'll try to improve it as much as I can!:D
Once again, thanks a lot everyone! Much love xoxo


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