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Fan Fiction : He is My Special Birthday Gift

Finally, I logged out my twitter account. It is 3 am. I live in the small town in Australia, which is has a different time zone with the USA. I still up until dawn to creep at Justin Bieber's tweets. It's crazy, but it's a belieber thing.
Next 5 months, Justin will have a concert here, in my country. I'm so excited! The place isn't so far from my town, it takes 2-3 hours by car.
"Mom, can I ask you something?"
"Yes, sweetheart. What?"
"Can I have my birthday present earlier? I need some money to buy the ticket to Justin's concert. It'll be sold next month."
"Sorry, sweetie, but I don't have that much money. You can take your own money at the bank, but you should safe some money, in case sometimes we will need it."
"Kay, Mom. I love you!"
"Who will accompany you to the venue?"
"I don't know. Nobody wanna go there. None of my friends. Ah, can I bring Hayley with me?"
"Can you take care of her?"
"Yeah! Sure."
"Go then. Take the money for Hay's ticket on the bank too. Okay?"
"Kay, Mum!" ^^

Finally, I arrived at the venue. I wear purple everywhere, start from my hair until my toes. So does Hayley. We're so excited. We get into the venue and sit on our seat. Our seat number written on the ticket, like on the cinema.
We sit down and enjoy the concert. We sing along and we feel so happy. And then the OLLG song come out.
"Yeah, I need my OLLG here, on the stage. YOU! Yeah, you! The one who wear ALL purple except the trousers. yeah, yeah, YOU!"
The light shine directly to...ME. *shock*
"Come on, get on the stage!"
"Umm..but I bring my sister with me, I can't leave her alone!" I shout.
"Bring her here, my mom will take care of her for sure." ;)
I walk to the stage and grab my sister's hand. I handed her to Aunt Pattie and I get on the stage. I sit on the chair, he give me flowers and start singing OLLG.
WOW. This is the most incredible night in my life.
After the song finished, I go to the backstage and meet my sister and Pattie. She is so nice and care to my lil sist. We talk each other and I feel so close with her. I was there until the concert finished. I talk with Justin with a lot of excitement.
"Thank you, you just made my day!"
"You too. Thanks for coming here!"
"This is the greatest birthday present ever!"
"Is today your birthday?"
"Umm..nope. Mine is next week exactly."

One week later --
I wake up early. This is my birthday!! Today I'm 16. Awesome.
I get out from my room and walk down the stairs, walk to the living room.
"Morning Mom, Dad, Hay..."
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!" They shout. Whoaa..I'm surprised.
Wait. THERE'S JUSTIN. Oh my GOD!! Am I still dreaming??! I pinched my hand. Ouch. This is REAL.
"Justin? What are you doing here? I thought you've already gone back to Canada yesterday."
"I'm here for giving you the best birthday present ever."
"What is it?"
"Right in front of you. Yeah, MYSELF. Katie, look, you are the one who I've been looking for. She is YOU."
I smile and yeah, this is, umm, I mean he is the best birthday present. EVER :)

Note : I took the picture from Google, this story is a fiction. It's just in my imagination!

thanks for reading. keep following us for another fan fiction! ;)

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